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Camelot & the environment

Posted on July 26, 2022

One of the raw materials we use the most of here at Camelot Pictures, is paper. Getting pictures printed and cut to the exact size they need to be inevitably results in paper offcuts. We hate to waste anything, so instead of discarding these offcuts we donate the paper to local schools so that it gets a new lease of life – and sometimes even more artwork is created as a result!

Most of the deliveries we receive arrive in cardboard boxes. We save them all and then run them through our cardboard shredding machine to create eco friendly packaging. We try to use as little plastic as possible for our pictures and focus on recycling any waste into a useful commodity.

As you can imagine, we make a lot of frames at Camelot, but our frames do not require lots of trees to be chopped down in order to create them. The majority of our frames are made from a material called ‘Polcore’ which is recycled polystyrene.

Recycled polystyrene is made up of waste products from mainly two sources:

  • The electronics industry
  • Plastic packaging – mainly from the food industry

The manufacturing process is clean and our suppliers confirm that they do not:

  • Use spray paints.
  • Use decorative transfer films.
  • But they DO recycle all their waste extruded product.

Therefore the material that constitutes recycled polystyrene mouldings broadly conserves the use of the earth’s natural raw materials by using those that have been recycled.

When it comes to any wood frames in our collection – these wood products are from companies that purchase their timber from sustainable sources and reforestation projects. Other ecological considerations include the use of water based paints and varnishes.

We do all we can here at Camelot HQ to reuse, refashion, recycle and repurpose. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and to be more eco-friendly!