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Artist Spotlight: Chris Paschke

Posted on June 7, 2022

We have recently added quite a few new lines to our collection featuring the fantastic artwork of Chris Paschke – read on to learn more.

Chris is an internationally accomplished artist and calligrapher and has studied with European master calligraphers in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia and China.

Chris attended San Jose State University and Humboldt State University, receiving a BFA Creative Arts and Design, Magna Cum Laude. She is a member of the Friends of Calligraphy, San Francisco, CA; Sumi Society of America; International Encaustic Association; and Fine Art Trade Guild (UK). She keeps actively involved in all aspects of art and its place in the world.

Her most recent passion has been working with encaustic medium. Encaustic is the ancient art of melting purified beeswax and damar crystals together, which can then be painted, poured, and spread onto Baltic birch and hardwood panels. Each layer must then be heat fused to the previous layer in order to truly be considered encaustic. This medium is unlike any other in the way it is initially prepared, applied, and then displayed upon completion.

“I was taught both in my first calligraphy class and in Sumi-e that after the initial concept sketches, an artist should work directly on their final substrate planning for a masterpiece…as you can never replicate the freshness, freedom, and spontaneity that occurs in that first attempt.”

“I have spent my entire life drawing, sketching, painting, lettering, and framing. I’ve been trained to make paper, grind ink, build brushes, cut quills, and frame finished art. I have created logos, designed certificates, and produced 4′ x 8′ originals for corporate collections, but wax is my newest love. It is sensitive and beautiful, responsive yet defiant…I just love it.”

Chris currently resides in Tehachapi, California.

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