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Artist Spotlight: Fay Shoesmith

Posted on August 5, 2021

Camelot Pictures is delighted to be able to offer artwork to our customers from our exclusive artist Fay Shoesmith.

Artist Fay Shoesmith creates work often based around humorous animals and birds, with a focus on colour, pattern and texture.

The designs begin as sketches and notes which are then developed by hand onto paper and canvas using traditional art and design processes. These include mixed media, paint, collage, pencil and ink.

Fay has over twenty years experience working diversely within the Art and Design industry including show home design, hand painting large scale murals, Printed Textile Design, Interior Design and Art & Design education. She is also the owner and founder of Print Circus, a specialist Art and Design studio.

Her knowledge and experience within Textile and Interior Design informs decisions about colour and pattern placement and how pieces will work within interior settings. 

Having studied and worked in Birmingham and London, and travelled extensively, Fay is now based near Lichfield, Staffordshire with her husband and twin boys. Fay works in her home studio in their 18th century house overlooking the forest, often with a snoozing dog for company!

We asked Fay a few questions so our customers could learn more about her creative process!

One of our bestselling lines is the original Hare Tea Party.  What’s the story behind this painting and why do you think it has so much appeal?

The Hares Tea Party was a really fun piece to make. At the time I worked on a few with similar dimensions, and I looked at the characters and the story behind each. The colour scheme was designed to enable all of the pieces to work together in an interior space.

What inspires you to get out your paints and start something new?

I can be inspired by lots of different things, but it is colour combinations that are often my starting point for a piece or collection. I look through previous work which hasn’t been used and this often inspires new ideas and developments. These days I always have lots of deadlines to meet so I have to just get on with it!

Who is your favourite artist?

There are many that I absolutely love! I was blown away by Van Gough’s work when I saw them as a large collection displayed together in Paris, although I had never really been a fan before. I particularly like large scale pieces which draw you in and take over a room. I have always liked Matisse and have been constantly inspired by 20th century Art and Design, including Ben Nicholson, Barbera Hepworth and I have extensively studied the textiles of Lucienne Day too.

Do you have a favourite painting that you’ve done?

A few years ago, I painted a white Whippet called Rosie (which is now reproduced) and also a large-scale sea scape. Both of which were sold in a gallery. At the time I was really overjoyed however I do wish I still had those pieces!

Why not take a look at the wonderful Fay Shoesmith artwork we have on offer? Simply click here to browse all the available art on our website.